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HadronTherapy - Testimonials

The story of Ariol, the first hadrontherapic's patient

"My wife and I had decided to have a daughter but my illness did not allow us to have her."

"Thanks to CNAO and Hadrontherapy we have had to have a beautiful  daughter, my life and my family's life has changed, we got what we  wanted, happiness."
The story of Francesca, from saleswoman to entrepreneur

"I have a mass of six centimetres and after biopsy it came out it was a malignant tumor."

"Hadrontherapy has allowed me to defeat this tumor. Hadrontherapy did not cause any side effects, absolutely nothing..."

The story of Francesca, the woman with "a flower in the mouth"
“Hadrontherapy lets me be here today to speak”

"I made check-ups again and then those that were cysts had become an adenoido-cystic carcinoma."

"Hadrontherapy lets me be here today to speak, articulate my mouth, smile, look with both eyes, and so for me it was clearly decisive."

The story of Giorgio, healed thanks to a friend's advice
“As things stand I feel well, I am quiet and I am back to my busy life and so on.”

 "At the time of my diagnosis when the cancer was detected there was some  hustle (…), because of these therapies that were annoying, long and at  the same time there would be, later, the aftermaths."
 "Now in October we did the check-up and in practice cancer cells are all gone.
Basically I have had No side effects whereas in terms of side effects  normal radiation does bring problems and they are pretty heavy for me.
As things stand I feel well, I am quiet and I am back to my busy life and so on."

The story of Mauro, the skipper who plays tennis
“I always had someone close: doctors and nurses, I was entirely accompanied from the beginning to the end.”

Before "I has a Chordoma of the sacrum, that is a tumor of malignant nature,  therefore with a very serious pathology that is hardly curable."
 During "It is a treatment that does not physically debilitate the person; every  day I travelled from Genoa to Pavia with the car (…) so I was driving  and I had a pretty normal life;
never there has been a moment when I was left alone, all by myself, I  always had someone close: doctors and nurses, I was entirely accompanied  from the beginning to the end."
 Now "The result of this is that now, after three years I am here and can  tell about it, otherwise, if it hadn’t been so, with that important  disease I couldn’t have told about it."  

Come to Italy to get healed
Synchrotron is an advanced machinery and there are only four prototypes in the world.
This is because the medical specialization and the required techniques are very high, and the machineries and technologies are very expensive.
It is not available in America, because it’s based on Italian and European researches:
Italy is the place to treat cancer.

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